Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Big Bang!

Supernovas + protons + space stuff + blah blah blah
And then there was LAFFY CATHY!
Greetings!  If you're reading this, then you are quite amazing!  Out of all the blogs that exist in the world, you've found my little playground.  This isn't my first time in the blogging world, but this is my first personal blog.

I actually made this blog a few days? weeks? ago, but it's just been sitting here like a neglected dog...looked at frequently, but never fed.  (Before someone gets some crazy idea that I'm an animal abuser....I have to say that I LOVE DOGS! especially corgis hehe)  

Anyways, I've post-poned this first post for as long as post-ible (hehe) because I honestly dreaded it.  OOOH THE FEAR~  No, just kidding.  But I felt like I had to write some grand post to impress the world wide web, which is essentially the WHOLE WIDE WORLD.  And that just seemed impossible.

So I came to the conclusion that I won't put all these expectations on myself, especially since I have enough of that in my life.  And also because when I did that for tumblr (subconsciously), it didn't work out too well...

You see, I used to update my tumblr EVERY SINGLE DAY (wow!) and practically every hour I was on the computer (wow x 100!).  But then I realized I was posting to please the people of tumblr who I didn't even know.  Of course, this wasn't good because I was filtering out my pictures....excessively.  As in I was pretty much filtering myself out.  So I stopped posting as frequently.

I mean, look at these stats:
455 posts in Dec 2009
31 posts in March 2012

HAHHAA okay, laziness may have been another factor, but the outcome is still the same.  My tumblr has since tumbled down into the deep abyss of the ocean where cute little fishes with waterproof mascara live...


Well, kinda.  I still post when I feel like it, but it's nowhere near as active as its peak years.  If you would like to explore more of my tumblr, it's here.  I try not to filter as much now :D

But enough about my tumblr!  
          I have my own personal blog now!  
                    And I don't need to filter!  
                              So I won't!  
                                        At last, the world is at peace!  

Well, my world at least.  Here, I'll blog about myself and all kinds of stuff I find/see/like/dislike.  

Anyways, I spent the past hour making this gif.  Here's me being bored. 


Which reminds me, feel free to comment!  Because I guarantee you that I will read every single comment.

Now if you've made it to the end of this post, congrats!  You don't have ADD =)
If not, then..maybe you should go see a doctor.  LOL kidding, hopefully you'll like my next post more.


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