Thursday, November 22, 2012


I WENT TO TAIWAN THIS SUMMER!  I gotta say, Taiwan has it all....yummy food & cheap stuff (mostly because I am too lazy to convert to USD, so I assume everything is cheap hahaha).   

 Beef noodle soup

Chicken Parmesan Bagel Sandwich at NY Bagel 

Mille Crepe Cake at 85C

They aren't allowed to move for like 2 hours(?), so I took a pic with one of them.  Imagine poking one of them with a stick  I would've gotten a good laugh...and an escort out haha.

Cherry & green tea ice cream dessert at Bigtom

Giant birdcage in the middle of the road...with a tree inside!

Ferris wheel at Miramar Entertainment Park

Ahaha, recognize the ferris wheel from Devil Beside You?  I rode that baby and it was PRETTY SCARY.  Haha the ferris wheel itself was on top of a building, and it went PRETTY HIGH UP — 330 feet from the ground (I mean Six Flag's new Superman ride is 400 feet, and that looks freaking scary).

For the ferris wheel, there was the option to have glass bottoms....but I chickened out and took the normal ones.  At least I still had glass sides LOL.  

Vanilla ice cream with chocolate bag

Cool naked bird/human at the subway

HAHA I love seeing Asian celebs...on poster.  Here's Wilber Pan and Lollipop F (HAHHAA).

Nice eyes thurr.

Ramen Sanji
This was THE BEST bowl of ramen I have ever eaten in my entire 20 years of life.  Too bad it's like 10385701 miles away from where I am sitting right now.

Afternoon tea at Salut

So many choices of tea OHOHO


Dude cat, why are you sleeping in the middle of the road?

Spinach pasta at Mita Pasta

So I took Asian pics.....and my aunt went crazy taking pics of the process.

Getting my bitch face on

I like my scar

YEAHHH!! So excited to see a corgi in Taiwan :D

And then I saw another one!  I started laughing once I saw this one.  IT'S SHAVED!!! Except for its little bunny butt and it's face.  HAHAHA so sad but so adorably cute.


Taipei 101


Yeah that's right. I surf with socks on.

So sad.......we were running low on cash, so we couldn't eat at Hello Kitty Sweets!  That tiny cake costs more than 20 bucks.  But all the CHAIRS AND BOOTHS ARE DECKED OUT IN HELLO KITTY.  AND ALL THE SWEETS TOO.  When I go back next time, I will definitely go.  FOR SURE.

Dry noodles with spicy sauce

Egg pancake

Empty subway.  It was the filmset for a murder mystery.

Just kidding.  I just got on super early HAHA.

Mango shaved ice

Minced pork rice

Panoramic view from the 35th floor of Taipei 101.  We ate at the restaurant (Espressamente Illy) so the view was free! #too cheap to pay the admission to go to the top...

Peanut and jelly dessert
I ate this dessert so many times while I was in Taiwan, because it was just SO HOT.  I pretty much tried all the combinations, but I still love their peanuts and jelly the best!  Oh god, but not like peanut butter and jelly.  Please don't think that.

Sizzling noodles with seafood
Damn that sexy piece of squid.

I was at the airport, all sad to leave Taiwan, and then I see HELLO KITTY GALORE!  

Hello Kitty cups....utensils...

......lotion...mist sprays...TOILET PAPER.....



Too bad the Hello Kitty planes only fly to/from Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, China, and .......... Guam.  Not to hate on Guam or anything, but is there a big Hello Kitty fanbase there?  They should add a stop in say, hmmm..... CALIFORNIA....specifically, LAX! HAHHAA.  I would be so happy :D

They even have Hello Kitty changing rooms.  Omg look at the baby Hello Kitty and baby Daniel.

I was a bit scared walking into the changing rooms, cus I didn't know if anyone would be in there.  Imagine how awkward it would be if a mother was breastfeeding or something, and I walked in by myself..... HAHAH well my camera is my baby, right?

So I opened the door slowly just to kinda peek in, and OH DEAR GOD there was someone inside!  But it wasn't a mother with child.  It was a mother without child.  Just kidding HAHA.  It was actually a teenage boy (LOL), also taking pictures inside the room!  So the two of us took pics in silence.  A bit strange seeing a guy so into Hello Kitty like me....maybe he's from Guam HAHA.

Even the seats were Hello Kitty ;_______;

And they have Hello Kitty telephones! And Hello Kitty telling you the times in other places of the world!