Thursday, April 18, 2013

Marc Jacobs vs. Kate Spade vs. Michael Kors watch

"Sometimes, your world just flips upside down.
       Some would call that an epiphany."


LOL I'm so lame, but let me share my vain epiphany with you.

It's weird .. after my (almost) 21 years of living, I have never considered watches as "jewelry."  But recently, I've been looking into watches... and as a college student with no car, I have resorted to online browsing.  I was so surprised to see that watches were under the JEWELRY section! 

And after looking at the first page of watches, I could see why.  These watches were blinged up with like crystals and diamonds, and so many were designed by name brands usually known for their fashionable clothing/purses. 

Here are my top 3 watches, along with my personal pro's & con's.  I'm split pretty equally between the 3 lovely watches, so here is my plea to y'all reading this....


#1 : Marc Jacobs - Amy, black strap - $175

marc jacobs
: black&gold, sleek, modern
: Marc Jacobs logo around the ring can be a bit obnoxious

#2 : Kate Spade - Metro, black leather strap - $195

kate spade

: black&gold, classic, spade detail
: friends said it's "old looking"

#3 : Michael Kors - Baguette Bezel, rose gold - $295

michael kors
: rose gold shine, looks more expensive lol
: heard that the rose gold comes off pretty quickly

Which watch is your fav?
xo cathy.