Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Oh my!

So I'm walking in the parking lot almost about to get to my car, and I see a big ass SUV parked diagonally across 2 parking spaces with its butt blocking half the street, and the engine still running and vroomin' out smoke.

Wtf right???

But there's more!  In the drivers seat, there's this fat bald man eating out of a Chinese takeout box with his hands.....


Now, I have nothing against fat people, or bald people, or people who drive SUVs, or people who eat Chinese takeout, but this guy was just like WTF, so ridiculous.  I almost laughed when I saw him cus it was such a rare sight, and he just looked so pathetic.  Like man, you don't have the time to park properly or shut off your engine??!  I get it if you're hungry and need to eat asap (and I guess the takeout place didn't provide chopsticks or plastic forks? LOL), but please park your car properly and turn off your freaking engine!!  And as advice for the future, that would also draw less attention to yourself  =)

I was gonna take a picture of him to prove that this incident DID INDEED HAPPEN, cus it sounds so crazy right?  BUT I AIN'T CRAZY, THIS SHIT IS REAL.

Well unfortunately, I made eye contact with him (at least 5 seconds..pretty damn long haha), so it would've been awkward if I just whipped out my camera and started taking pics of him like 10 feet away.  But man, WHAT A SIGHT.  It was one of those moments that made me worry about the future of mankind..kinda.

On a side note, I'm flying off to Taiwan in T minus 2 hours! YEEEE more on that later :D

Staring contest winner Cathy


joanh said...

haha, thanks for visiting my blog! hope to see all the good stuff you're eating in taiwan!

Megan said...

cute blog :)